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Meet The Team


Neelu Mohaghegh


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Always saying: "I have an idea..."

An experienced music journalist & marketer with a passion for music and creative direction. She wants to be at the cornerstone of the world's ability to connect, create, and share incredible moments together through the power of collaboration and ideation. She has been fortunate enough to have numerous work experiences in the music industry including: project management, branding, digital marketing, merchandising, event production, and editorial.


Some other fun notes about her: she loves coffee shops, traveling, staying active (martial arts, boxing, volleyball, tennis), interior design, and is always down to try new things and go on new adventures.


Sherif T. Bakare


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Always saying: "Mastering the art of the pivot."

A multi-hyphenate creative producer in the entertainment industry. His passion for creating and bringing imagination to life has progressed him to building several ventures tasked with spreading new ideas and constant collaboration. Sherif is also the manager for the artists zleephouse and TEHYA, which has allowed him to further dive into his love for music and song creation.



Some other fun notes about him: he loves writing poetry, and he's got a knack for knowledge of everything pop culture.

Channel Sounds was born out of friendship and a passion for music. Both Sherif and Neelu went to Boston University, but didn’t cross paths while in school. Through mutual friends they were introduced and realized they shared an immense love for music and the creative world, and both were passionate about ideation. From the very first meeting they knew at some point they would work together on a project. Enter the pandemic, and Sherif reaches out to Neelu with the idea to create a digital music festival. She says yes and they put on their first ever digital music festival, isolated sounds, and it was a hit! 


Sherif and Neelu saw the creativity and friendship that was fostered during the experience, and thus decided to build what is now Channel Sounds, an artist discovery and creative tastemakers platform that highlights emerging talent through social promotion, original content, and event experiences. In addition, Channel Sounds helps artists ideate and create their brand identities, visuals, and merchandise, while also offering engaging and exciting marketing rollouts for their upcoming releases. We wanted to help music lovers tune into talent and help artists channel their sounds and narratives, because we all have a story that should be heard. 


Channel Sounds prides itself not just on its creativity, but also its community. With every artist we work with, relationships are at the core of what we do. When you’re a part of the Channel Sounds community you are a part of our family.

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