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All-Girl Band, NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS, Are Giving Main Character Energy

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

As I scrolled through Spotify, I came across “Survival of the Littest” by NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS. NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS is a pop girl band that is ironically giving main character energy, despite their name.

Gabi Gotts, Perrin Xthona, and Tammy Gonzalez are all based out of Los Angeles and started writing songs together over Zoom in 2019. In 2020, the college friends released a single, “Bev Hill,” which ultimately put them on the map. This single has been played on Spotify almost two million times. In 2021, the group released a single, “Murder Party,” which has been played over five million times on Spotify. Currently, NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS have 252,028 monthly Spotify listeners, but due to their upbeat, unconventional, and catchy tunes it is inevitable that that number will quickly rise in the near future. The blonde and two brunettes pack a punch that makes them bound for music success in the LA entertainment industry.

Their latest EP is called Bad Things Come in 3s. They have composed an end product that is a sensational pre-game compilation, yet lyrically symbolizes the common experiences humans go through such as peer pressure and dishonest friends, among other things. Like I mentioned above, I first came across the song, “Survival of the Littest,” and I was immediately drawn into the memorable introduction of a soda can opening, right into the brilliant and relevant lyrics about alcohol tolerance and natural-selection. When adding this song into my “Get ready to go out” playlist, there was no doubt in my mind. I instantly knew I needed to include it because this song makes me feel energized to live life to its fullest, nonetheless it boosts my confidence. More recently, NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS released the “Survival of the Littest” music video. The music video further explains how your social ranking is based on how much alcohol you can consume. The pressure to fit in when it comes to drinking creates the image that if you are not good enough to keep up you won’t be socially accepted. In the video, there are three characters who are a part of a video game in an effort to get across that they are teasing that it is all just a “game.”

Their lively energy, melodic beats, and exhilarating hooks makes their music extremely addictive. This girl band is a new artist discovery that is one to watch out for. Their quirky music style and bold pop sounds only adds to the power these three girls have, and will continue to gain. This dream team is bound for success. “Survival of the Littest” and their other songs are able to be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Their Instagram and Facebook is @notthemaincharacters. These two socials are the easiest way to find the latest releases of their music and videos.


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