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Blake Rose Photo Gallery: House of Blues Boston 11.4.21

Listen below to hear Blake Rose's music now. The Australian-born artist opened for Noah Kahan on his headlining tour, and as a huge fan of his, I was grateful I had the opportunity to photography the show at Boston's House of Blues.

Blake Rose has been on many people's radars, especially after his hit single "Lost" took over the airwaves. His pop music is truly enchanting and hypnotic, and if anyone in the crowd didn't know him before this tour, then they certainly do now, and most likely have added him to their playlists.

He is such a sweet soul on stage as well, as he chatted and laughed with the crowd. I loved his energy and truly felt like he could be friends with all of us there in audience. He jumped up onto amps, and dove into the crowd to hug, high five, and serenade the fans, and he shared funny stories of heartbreak and great songwriting. Having been his first performance in Boston, I'd say Rose stole the show and gave a killer performance. Without a doubt, everyone was hyped up and prepared for Kahan to enter the stage, but of course, it was bittersweet because none of us wanted Rose's set to end...ever.

You can see the photos I captured from the show as well as listen to his music below.

Be sure to follow him on Instagram.

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