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Christian Kuria on Astronomy, His Upcoming Project, and His Recent Single “Toroka”


Well at least what he would sound like if they did have one. Christian Kuria is a R&B singer and songwriter originally from the Bay Area. He’s got a sound that is extremely revealing of his charisma, emotions, and connection to music. We had a chance to interview him to discuss his recent release “Toroka” and his upcoming project as well as some of his other interests and inspirations.

He seems to have such control over his sound, yet it’s so sweet and serene. You feel like you’re floating in outer-space in this calm abyss away from everything. With vocals like butter, and soft melodies and grooves, everyone of his songs takes you deeper into your own little universe.

Now, for his recent single “Toroka”, which he released on October 21st, Kuria designs such a beautifully erotic and hypnotic single, with melodies that ebb and flow along with synthesized tones and a down-tempo beat. It’s really such a lovely track that would be an amazing addition to any rainy-day/Sunday playlist. In other words, his music is definitely “a mood.” We’re excited for you to read some of the great answers he gave us in the interview below, and be sure to check out the track above!

Here is our interview:

Channel Sounds [CS]: How did you start getting into music?

Christian Kuria [CK]: “I grew up in a family full of musicians. My grandmother is a pianist and singer and so is my mother. Both of my parents were active in ministry, so from a young age, I was singing in front of people. In 6th grade I started playing guitar and that’s when I made my first personal connection with music.”

[CS]: Tell me more about "Toroka", how did it come about?

[CK]: “‘Toroka’ was one of the first songs that I wrote and produced this year. The melody for the chorus popped into my head one day and I just started writing. It started with a guitar loop instrumental loop later evolved into what it is now.”

[CS]: What are some music-related projects you are currently working on and excited for?

[CK]: “Right now I’m working towards a sophomore EP which I’m excited about. Although a definitive release date is yet to be set, there’s something really exciting about a second project. It feels like a blank slate; an opportunity to reinvent myself as an artist, in a way. That’s really exciting for me.”

[CS]: How has music served as a channel for you, in other words, how has it allowed you to express yourself?

[CK]: “I think one of the reasons I was initially drawn to music was its ability to ornament the hardship of the human experience. When I would listen to my favorite records as a kid, I would often fantasize about being able to capture what I was feeling in a song. That sort of “fantasy” has remained an essential part of my creative process; all my songs are born of a need to encapsulate an emotional experience. Songwriting feels to me like the most effective way to express.”

[CS]: What is your detour? (i.e. A hobby, fun-fact, or passion project you do outside of music.)

[CK]: “I am hugely fascinated in astronomy and astrophysics. I commit a huge chunk of my free time to watching hours of space documentaries and videos on YouTube. I think if I wasn’t a musician, I probably would’ve pursued a career in astrophysics.”

[CS]: Who are some of your go-to artists?

[CK]: “I’d say: John Mayer, Frank Ocean, Stevie Wonder, Tame Impala, Derrick Hodge.”

[CS]: What is one word you’d use to describe yourself?

[CK]: “Meticulous.”


Thanks so much for hopping on with us, christian and we can’t wait for the EP!


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