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Gonzo on New Single "Doc Gooden", Progress, and Starting the New Year Strong with New Projects

Updated: Jul 12, 2021


That’s what Gonzo, a rapper and producer from Washington D.C. with an extremely exciting, eclectic perspective, offers in his music. He first stepped into the scene when he released his solo EP 19 Years back in 2018. Since then, the artist has continued to release a multitude of singles and another EP with his both his friend and a fellow rapper Beez, titled None the Wiser. Soon after this release did the two realize their synergy with over 115,000 streams on their track Minute Steak.

Gonzo learned very quickly that music was the career path he wanted to pursue for the rest of his life, and worked through it as if it was his 9-5 each day even though he was a full-time student at Elon University. When you listen to his tracks, you can honestly feel the level of dedication he puts into each of them. The productions have catchy rhythms and the melodies sparkle with a shine that makes them so attractive. sparkling melodies. What I also find really nice are the lyrics he strings together that seem to just smooth out the edges of a busy day. Some notable tracks that I am a big fan of are “Rearview”, “Careless”, and “Misfit” that all have this kind of lullaby theme to them while still staying true to the hip-hop and R&B theories.

“Doc Gooden” is his most recent release along with Beez that has a jazzy vibe blended into a conversational tune. What I also find really beautiful with Gonzo’s work is that it seems he really knows how to accentuate a vocalist through his productions, building a solid foundation for his riffs or Beez’s verses to build on.

We’re excited to share our interview with Gonzo today to give you a little more about this emerging artist.

Here is our interview:

Neelu Mohaghegh [NM]: What about producing drew you to it originally?

Gonzo [G]: “I’ve been playing in bands and writing songs since I was a kid so learning how to produce was just the next step in that artistic progression. Also, as someone who was consistently frustrated with recording/production costs, learning how to do it all myself seemed like the only real option if I wanted to keep putting out music.”

[NM]: How has D.C. been for you in your music career?

[G]: “My time in D.C. and Maryland has connected me with an endless carousel of ridiculously talented artists. Beyond the music though I’ve got unlimited love for my people in the DMV. Definitely wouldn’t have been able to put anything out if it weren’t for that unreal support system at home.”

[NM]: Are you and Beez a duo or do you just produce a lot of music with him? And how did you guys meet?

[G]: “Beez and I operate as individual artists but it’s magic whenever we get in the studio together. The writing and recording process is just so organic and effortless when we link. I met him at Elon, the school we both attended in North Carolina.”

[NM]: How did the track "Doc Gooden" come about?

[G]: “‘Doc Gooden’ happened really spontaneously. I remember Beez put up an IG story with part of his verse over that beat and I immediately hit him for the project file. Within two or three days of that original IG story I had recorded my part, mixed/mastered the track, and submitted it for release. Definitely one of my favorite experiences putting a track together.”

[NM]: If you could produce music for any artist, who would it be for?

[G]: “This is really sad but probably Mac Miller.”

[NM]: You mention that your music is "cathartic" because it tells the tales of many of the relationships in your life. How else has music served as your way of expressing yourself?

[G]: “Making music has always been therapy for me. I’m so lucky that I have an outlet to channel all that pent up energy/emotion into. If it weren’t for that creative safety valve, I don’t think I’d stand a chance.”

[NM]: What's your detour? Something you recently picked up or have been doing outside of music like a hobby, a fun fact, a passion project, etc.

[G]: “Music is pretty all encompassing for me but I definitely spend an unhealthy amount of time watching old movies and researching politics. There’s a lot of crazy old films and not enough progressives so both are important to me.”

[NM]: Are there any upcoming music projects that you're excited about that you could share with us? And is there anything you hope to do in the new year?

[G]: “2021 should be our biggest year yet. Currently, I’m working on three very different projects to be dropped next year: a sophomore LP from me and Beez, a debut EP from a ridiculously talented artist named Hyde, and a debut album from my new band, ROSETINT. Really excited to show you all we’ve been working on.”

[NM]: What is one of your favorite concert memories? (either can be your own concert or someone else's that you attended)

[G]: “It’s tough to choose one, but I’d have to go with Erykah Badu’s set at the Spirit Festival in Summer of 2018. After an afternoon of wild sets from Nas and The Roots, Erykah Badu came up and blew everyone out of the water. Real goat.”

[NM]: If you had to choose one album that you would consider a formative project for you growing up, which one would that be?

[G]: “Without a doubt Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly. Not really much of a hot take or an unexpected choice, but TPAB is really just fucking flawless to me. I hope one day my music can make someone feel even a fraction of what I feel whenever I hear the transition from ‘u’ to ‘alright’“ ———————————

Thank you so much for your time Gonzo, and we can’t wait to hear what’s to come in 2021!


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