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Harmonious Hues and Masterful Muse: BlankOddest's Newest Artistic Overture

With change in an artist’s music career comes a sense of fear, reluctance, and apprehension as to what the future holds. However, in the wake of his new upcoming project, BlankOddest is booming with confidence, bolstering an impressive rebrand sure to sweep fans off their feet!

BlankOddest, formally known as Zander Allman, began writing poetry as a kid, and was drawn to hip-hop by the likes of the Notorious B.I.G. Now residing in Los Angeles, he is pursuing a professional career in music, and aims to make a stamp in the game with his new sound. Following the release of his EP “Figures,” featuring three tracks, “Blank, Laces, and Pieces,” we as listeners get a feel for some of Oddest’s serious alternative overtones. From the dynamic beat choices to mellowed lead vocals, the overall sound is truly indistinguishable from the leading prospects of the industry today.

blankoddest EP Cover Art
BlankOddest EP Cover Art

He mentions how as of now, Mac Miller has been a huge inspiration for the project, and that Smino and Future are artists he enjoys listening to in his off time. The appreciation Oddest shows for different kinds of music speaks volumes about how experimental he has become in his craft, making this upcoming project a must hear for hip-hop fans everywhere! However, every success story has a journey. The route to discovering this harmonious “blend of alternative, r&b,” intonations stemmed from a large period of trials and tribulations. His journey to self-discovery strikes a parallel with many other underground artists, but his elite level of introspection is what makes his music a compelling listen.

“I’ve been struggling to come out of this box of old school hip hop,” he mentioned. “that voice was coming from a place of inspiration, and idolization, but not from a place of internalization. As I’m embracing myself more, the music is changing. Chasing after myself has led me already at this point pretty drastically from myself from before… and I don’t regret any of that.”

blankoddest photo
BlankOddest shot by Leo_of_apple

When asked about what his motivating factor is for persevering in an industry as saturated as hip-hop, Oddest responded with utmost conviction. He states: “At the end of the day, regardless of how much I psych myself out, I still believe that I have what I need to make it what I want to be, and I what I want to be is someone that contributes something significant to hip-hop.” This full-steam ahead attitude has played an instrumental role in Oddest’s ability to mold his sound thus far, and will continue to serve well as he creates his cohesive tape. The scene for rediscovery has been set, and BlankOddest is painting the canvas in a way that is in tune with the inner workings of his artistry. As he continues to CHASE himself in the build-up for his project, be sure to KEEP UP, as updates will emerge on all of his social media.

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