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Into the Jungle at Roadrunner Boston 9.26.23

If there is anything that has absolutely enchanted me or moved me in this past year, it will be Jungle and their new project Volcano (released via Caiola Records). Yes, that is how serious this is. From concept to fruition, this project is absolute magic with songs that electrify your soul, engage your body, and transform your mindset. Everyone who knows the UK hailing production duo knows that their music always cover a wide spectrum of genres, but more commonly they reflect themes of soul, funk, house, and RnB. AND most Jungle fans will also know that their music always has more visual elements to it, most specifically around the art form of dance. In this most recent escapade with their album, the pair created a motion picture titled Volcano, which is a 45 minute masterpiece of pieced together choreographed music videos starring some familiar faces from past projects such as Mette Birdy and Will West (choreographed by Shay Latukolan). The track "Back on 74" from the project alone has taken the internet by storm with a dance challenge. Watch the video below to see why:

With over 8.6 million monthly Spotify listeners, both Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland (the members of the band), have stolen many hearts in this world with their up-lifting tunes. Their songs are sure to bring a smile to any face and bring anyone out of the coma of a bad day. After watching the music videos along with the tracks as well, you can't help but jump out of your seat and dance as if no one is watching. It's just that good. With hypnotic melodies on loop and vocals that perfectly harmonize over their instrumentation, this project was and is a historical marker for Jungle. The album also includes features from talented individuals such as Erick the Architect, Channel Tres, and Roots Manuva. Additionally, their use of branding a retro modernized universe is captivating for this project as we take field trips around multiple eras including vogue, funk, hip hop, world, pop, soul, electronica, and more.

Jungle happened to visit Roadrunner Boston this past month on their world tour, and I had honor of photographing and reviewing the show. The performance was mesmerizing, eclectic, exciting, and energizing. Everyone on the floor and on the mezzanine seemed to be under Jungle's spell, dancing and swaying and grooving to the beats that the band on stage was orchestrating. For that time, I felt completely freed from stressors of the outside world and truly fell straight into the whimsical and musical jungle designed before us. As we left the

Week by week, the band releases a new segment of the full motion picture on YouTube, so stay tuned! I was impatient and signed up for the Jungle Fan Club so I could witness the project in its entirety, and it was absolutely worth it.

Be sure to catch them on tour when they hit your city, but most importantly, be sure to experience the project from to back and the motion picture to see what it means to create a world through various forms of art that all can sing, dance, and relate to. Listen to Jungle on Spotify and follow them on Instagram.


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