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Noah Kahan Gives a Captivating Sold Out Show at Boston's House of Blues 11.4.21

Last week, I had the opportunity to go to Noah Kahan's concert in Boston at the iconic House of Blues, and needless to say, the folk-pop artist gave a memorable performance for his sold out show.

Yes, sold out! This was my first ever Kahan concert, and it did not disappoint. He jokingly mentioned how he was about to "poop his pants" for how nervous he was performing in front of this massive crowd, but you could also see how nothing could conceal the smile on his face as he watched adoring fans in the audience screaming for him and singing along word-for-word to each track. His parents were in the crowd with a bouquet of roses, watching their son captivate the crowd. The craziest thing though was that Kahan had blown out his sinuses earlier that day (which he posted about on his Instagram Story before the show), and yet he powered through the entirety of the night like a champ, and we were all appreciative of that.

Kahan has had a very exciting 2 years, with project releases such as his most recent album 'I Was / I Am' which leads him to this headlining tour. Previously, he released EP 'Cape Elizabeth' and has had many amazing collaborations with other artists including Joy Oladokun, mxmtoon, and Chelsea Cutler.

Truthfully, I was surprised it was a sold out show as I made my way to the venue entrance and saw the massive line waiting to enter in, but then the energy of the crowd and his authentic, raw, fun, and emotional performance all hit me at once, I then immediately understood. I heard the music radiate through the venue against the walls and off the lips of the fans, and I saw people dancing wildly with their friends and others hugging their loved ones closer. It felt like home. At every tempo, he had everyone enchanted as shining hues from the lights dyed him various colors. This talented young artist, at age 24, has found a beautiful way to capture the essence, the depth, the simplicity, and the sweetness of folk music and mold it together with the energy, the charisma, and the relatability of pop music.

There are moments he would remind you of Quinn XCII and others where you felt like you were listening to, as he comically put it, a "Jewish Ed Sheeran". His rhythms are catchy and his lyrics are intricate and powerful, and his music is just the kind of outdoorsy, adventurous, comforting, getaway soundtrack all of our souls need.

It was fascinating to watch the entire experience, and I was thankful I was able to photograph such a wonderful night that left me buzzing afterwards, remembering the magic of live music. You can see my pictures below and you can listen to his music above.

The journey is only up from here for Kahan, and I can't wait to see where it leads him.

Be sure to follow him on Instagram!

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