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Photo Gallery: Tinashe Dances Night Away at Royale Boston 2.15.24

Since her "2 On" days, a whole decade ago, Tinashe has never stopped being an iconic figure in the female hip hop and RnB realms. It's a dance party whenever you're in the presence of her music and her choreography is always on point. She is currently on tour for her BB/ANG3L tour, which is dedicated to her recently released album under the same title. The project includes heavy hitters like "Needs" and "Talk to Me Nice", as well as beautiful ballads.

On a cold Monday night in February, in the bustling city of Boston, it was a sight to see a major line out the door of the venue all the way down the entirety of the block. Everyone was buzzing, excited to see the songstress. Many of them were discussing how they had already seen her in the past and some multiple times. You could tell that her fan base is a strong one. When I finally arrived inside, she came out with such an energy, the whole crowd was singing along to every word and screaming at every song that was introduced. This was my very first Tinashe concert but certainly won't be my last. The incredible dancers that surrounding her created an outstanding production, and her voice moved through the sonic walls like butter as she sang both new and nostalgic tunes to her adoring fans.

Here are some photos I captured of the show:

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