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Roberto on Debut Song & Music Video "Dorrigo" and Songwriting Process


Introducing Roberto, a singer/songwriter originating from Indiana, who writes music that is raw, unfiltered, and eccentric. With a sound that’s almost like a new-age Vampire Weekend, you are sure to fall in love with the sweet, indie tunes of this emerging artist. His music is best defined as quirky and soothing, and that’s what truly distinguishes him from the rest of the indie-rock scene, mostly because we haven’t had this kind of songwriting for some time now.

A little fun fact about him and his craft, most of his songs have been created in under 5-10 minutes (talk about a world record). We were also lucky to have this talented human be a part of the freshman class of our isolated sounds Digital Music Festival, which we held with our partner, Channel Sounds, back in May of the quarantine period. His performance was spectacular and authentic to say the least, performing in his car—just him and his guitar in a bright yellow jacket.

Now, the artist is preparing to release his debut song “Dorrigo” along with a music video, and we’re very excited to finally have a Roberto piece to add to our playlists! We had a chance to chat with the artist to hear more about the release and his own personal connection to music, projects he has made plans for, and who he’s been jamming to lately. Be sure to stay tuned this Friday when the song drops!

Here is our interview:

Channel Sounds [CS]: What inspired you to create "Dorrigo" and how did you develop the creative direction for the video? Roberto [R]: “'Dorrigo' was written on my computer in mumbles and raw melodies that came together in the studio. I wrote most of the song in just a few minutes in a very freestyle manner and most of the vocals are just the first takes with me sitting on the couch using the ‘bad microphone,’ so honestly I’m still processing a lot of the meaning, but one obvious observation was my ‘mobile phone was fucking me up.’

That idea from the song transitioned into the music video concept where it seemed funny to recreate my social anxiety throughout an actual fight with a mobile phone.”

[CS]: How has music fueled your ability to channel your self-expression? [R]: “These days it's hard to process anything with the overbearing sense of saturation. Whenever anyone creates anything, it's almost always a form of unconsciously reacting to the world in and around you. So just from the act of creating everyday, I'm lucky enough to always have songs or doodles to look back on that usually show the past clearer than I had interpreted myself in the moment.”

[CS]: What are your goals for the rest of the year, both musically and personally? [R]: “I’ll probably sign to a major label so I can get the support I want to create the projects in my head and the songs in my voice memos. I’ve recorded most of a mixtape that will come out already, and I’m starting to work on my first major project, 'Salvaje,' which will really be a huge shift as it has real sonic ambitions rooted in my favorite genres.”

[CS]: Who is your favorite artist right now?

[R]: “Ooooo, I go through phases of intense study on a few artists at a time. Currently I’m diving deep on Bob Dylan and his approach to writing, life, loves and dreams. Next I’m hoping to study Arethra Franklin. If I had one contemporary artist right now that I’m really enjoying it would be Skullcrusher. She’s done such a great job with her song ‘Places/Plans’ at capturing raw emotion and making you feel.”

[CS]: What’s your detour?

[R]: “I’m looking to get into acting, I’ve been studying Meisner, so my goal is to independently make a pilot episode for my TV Show concept in the next few months.”


Thanks, Roberto, for your time and we’re super excited to see the music video this Friday and hear the new song!


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