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Two Door Cinema Club at Iveagh Gardens - Dublin, Ireland SUMMER 2023

On July 20, 2023, the Northern Irish band performed live in one of Dublins finest outdoor venues Iveagh Gardens. The venue, a serene park during the day, became the perfect canvas for a night of unapologetic indie-rock.

Dublin witnessed a contagiously spirited crowd at the Two Door Cinema Club show, where the energy was so infectious that some revelers found themselves hoisted on each others shoulders, eager to catch every electrifying moment. The audience weren't just spectators; they were active participants, turning the concert into a collective celebration of music and camaraderie.

The visuals of the show weren't there for mere aesthetics; they were a trip. A kaleidoscope of colors and patterns danced and flashed in sync with the band's erratic musical nature, creating an immersive, colorful, awe-inspiring experience. The synergy between the trippy visuals and the nature of each unique song added a layer of intensity to the performance, blurring the line between the auditory and the visual understanding of their unique sound.

With almost 8 million monthly listeners, the well established band managed to exceed expectations while performing their biggest hits such as "What You Know", "Undercover Martyn", and "This is the Life". The build up during "Eat That Up, Its Good For You" off of their album Tourist History was a particularly impressive song to witness live. Their setlist created a nostalgic atmosphere to the night, reflecting back on their biggest and best songs while making new memories during their live show.


Photos of Two Door Cinema Club live at Iveagh Gardens - Dublin, Ireland

Photos taken by @sophies.eye on Instagram

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