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VÉRITÉ Hypes the Boston Crowd, Opens for Fletcher, and Releases "love you forever"

I have seen this wonderful artist twice now. VÉRITÉ (aka Kelsey Regina Byrne) is kind and soft spoken when you speak with her, but bold and magnetic when she performs on stage. I truly enjoyed our last interview and was excited to hear that she would be opening for Fletcher at the House of Blues in Boston. She came on stage and gave the crowd just the magical energy they needed to be ready to sing and dance all night, and as I turned around from my spot in the photo pit to face the audience, all I could see was a sea of smiles and many who were singing along to the lyrics. Her outfit was sexy and beautiful and edgy and the tunes from each song took us on a roller coaster of emotions from singing some of her new releases like "are we done yet?" to classic hits like her cover of The 1975's "Somebody Else". VÉRITÉ also made an incredible collaboration with an web3 company that when you purchased her merchandise you would access an NFT.

In addition, the artist also recently released her new song "love you forever" which is a stunning, heart wrenching ballad that takes you on a dreamy ride through a sea of vocal waves and layers and into a crescendoing burst of bold incantations of harmony and soul. Her whimsical touch of bending and molding tunes as she wishes is an art in of itself and is an ability that never ceases to amaze me. Her music is electrifying, hypnotizing, and surreal. In her extraordinary world, we all just float and surrender to her sonic magic. Along with the song release, she released a music video, which you can watch below:

Below you can find some photos I captured from the show on October 20th, 2022. Be sure to follow VÉRITÉ on Instagram and Spotify.

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