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Weaving the Web of Emotions Through Ally Wei and Liya Yang’s Upcoming Film “All of My Feelings”

All of My Feelings is a short film directed and co-produced by two Asian American creatives, Liya Yang and Ally Wei, studying at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Similar to how Everything Everywhere All At Once reminds the audience how irreplicable and affectionate human connections can be even across multiverses, All of My Feelings hopes to create a communal understanding of emotions in our seemingly nonintersecting lives with one another.

The film is inspired by a photoshoot series initiated by the founder of Fellows Collective (a community and art-based platform), Ally Wei, called “All of My Friends,” in which she visioned the vicissitudes of friendships to be depicted by strangers to juxtapose the intimacy of the bond.

All of My Feelings explores distinct emotions through individual characters and stories over the course of five chapters – joy, wonder, passion, grief, and fulfillment. Utilizing a multimedia approach, the directors document the characters’ present through film and capture memories through photography to recollect the past.

A few initial inspirations for the film were Maude Latour's 'Lola' music video, with its use of multimedia and flashing of memories being made, as well as ​​Saktian’s (@rodagenic) insane use of music and cinema through dance -- Ally Wei

Ally was particularly drawn to how the references carry the intertwining emotions through different mediums.

I really wanted to create something that the audience can feel utterly vulnerable with and connected to,” said Liya. The timeless narratives and dreamy aesthetics of Wong Kar Wai’s films have been a huge inspiration to her -- Liya Yang

Liya is also intrigued by the notion of intuitive cinema, which emphasizes the viewer’s feelings about a story rather than the comprehension of its meaning.

To execute their visions and bring the cinematic artwork to film festivals, All of My Feelings has launched a 60-day fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to raise $8,000. The project has garnered over 10% of its target within a week since January 17th and will continue to hold fundraising events to support the film.

During their week-one picnic fundraiser, Fellows Creative invited local artists to perform live music, hosted activities, and provided food. The directors believe that music is a defining point of their film and can reproduce emotions and feelings that surpass written words. They are excited to work with composers to bring their ideas of emotions through sound.

“Art is not an abstract game but an adventure; not cold rationalism, but live emotion” – Factory of Found Clothes (FFC). The collective human experience is what the directors hope to portray, intending to create a web of emotional connection among their audience.

To support the film:

  1. Follow @allofmyfeelingsfilm and @fellowscollective on Instagram to be updated on the process of the short film.

  2. Check out FellowsCollective’s website for details and future projects.

If anyone is interested in film composing, forward an email with your portfolio to


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