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Welcome to the Anna Elyse Program

Updated: May 13, 2023

Hailing from Orange County, California, lyricism has been integrated in Anna Elyse's life from an early age. Regarding herself as having always been a writer, she concentrated in poetry at UCLA, on top of her extensive experience in dance and choreography. In fact, Elyse even used to write essays to interpret the lyrics of her favorite songs. However, before releasing a single a year since 2020 and boasting almost four thousand monthly Spotify listeners, Elyse's beginnings in music began with a heavier focus on production. While she has always wanted to pursue the creation of her own music, Elyse prides herself on being someone who must absolutely know and understand the ins and outs of every aspect of something. Eventually she would come to find herself in audio engineering school where she would learn, at the heart of it, how to properly and purely craft sound. Aside from her technical education, she acquired her skills interning at various studios basing her actions on the steadfast idea that "you have to

start somewhere." She emphasized that at the end of the day, expensive equipment and good acoustics are ultimately meaningless in the pursuit of unadulterated learning. Her hard work and determination landed her a steady vocal position across multiple albums in Logic's discography, including: Under Pressure, The Incredible True Story, and No Pressure. Upon starting on No Pressure, Elyse has just recently graduated and was working at a studio when Logic had arrived by chance and loved the sound of her voice. What began as an audition with a scripted conversation Logic had written became a long standing professional and successful relationship between the two, giving her the opportunity to be featured on various outro and intro lines across the albums. She looked back fondly on her time there, regarding her enjoyment as a part of Logic's procedural, musical story he had to tell. However after a long and fruitful stint as a producer, and vocal sample, Elyse was finally ready, having "danced around music" long enough to "just do it. Her latest single, 'Faster Than We Ran' having since become her top song, boasting over sixteen thousand streams, divulges her feelings of immense gratitude for someone and her balance between the sadness that something is over and the happiness that it happened in the first place. Elyse described her experience writing the song on a particularly foggy day at the beach where she claims to have seen the visions for the song through the thickness of the fog. 'Faster Than We Ran' is stripped down to the raw sound of Elyse's voice and acoustic guitar playing making for a pure, hopeful-toned piece

reminiscent of much of Taylor Swift's early work. For Elyse personally, it's no surprise that her musical inspirations come from

those known for their lyricism, including Dave Mathews, Bob Dylan, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, and Neil Young. She shared her love of writing and producing with and for other artists as she attempts to avoid being "stuck in the vacuum of [] doing everything." She regarded the importance of having others around to tell you when you're overthinking. When Elyse isn't in the recording booth or in front of the monitor, you'll find her teaching yoga, enjoying hikes through nature or even making necklaces. Elyse left those wishing to follow in her footsteps with a message to do what you want and don't wait. You can always learn as you go despite how afraid of mistakes you may be.

You can find Anna Elyse on Instagram @iamannaeylse and Spotify to stream 'Faster Than We Ran' now.

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