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Neelu Mohaghegh is an experienced music editorialist & marketer with a profound love for entertainment, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Her passion is to be at the cornerstone of the world's ability to connect, create, and share incredible moments together through the power of creative collaboration. With numerous work experiences in the music industry revolving around areas such as: project management, brand development, digital marketing & social media, ideation, merchandising, event production, and editorial at companies like Sony Music, RCA Records, Black Box, Gupta Media, and Red Light Management. Some other fun notes about her: she is a coffee shop explorer, a black belt in Kung-Fu and a volleyball/tennis player, a concert photographer, and a t-shirt designer.


Sherif T. Bakare is a multi-hyphenate creative producer in the entertainment industry. His passion for creating and bringing imagination to life has progressed him to building several ventures tasked with spreading new ideas and constant collaboration. Sherif is also the manager for the artists zleephouse and TEHYA. which has allowed him to further dive into his love for music and song creation. Some other fun notes about him: he loves writing poetry, he's got a knack for knowledge of everything pop culture.

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