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Exclusive Interview: NOANNE Releases New Single, Lauds Contributors

Updated: Feb 16

Emerging alternative artist NOANNE unveiled her debut single on October 13. The song, titled “Goodwill,” spans just over four minutes and intricately weaves together various lyrical sections atop expansive electronic production.

Shot by Daria Photogothica

The track begins with an eerie melody, which is swiftly pierced by NOANNE's haunting voice, reminiscent of Kristin Hayter yet tempered with a unique intensity. About 20 seconds in, the composition builds to an explosive chorus, bolstered by heavy production and additional layers of synths, creating a compelling auditory experience.

“Goodwill” lyrically explores the emotional complexities of a past relationship, portraying the fear induced by neglect from a former lover. While the song deviates slightly from the conventional verse-chorus structure, it maintains a balance that resonates with listeners familiar with traditional formats.

One of the most captivating elements of NOANNE's music is her eclectic instrumental choice, a fusion of her passion for musical theater and her foray into electronic experimentation. This distinctive blend was brought to life by producer Gregory Darling, who played a pivotal role in realizing NOANNE's artistic vision.

NOANNE's collaboration with others and her relative inexperience have led her to see herself not as a conventional musician, but rather as someone who finds equal value in her unique creative process. She employs songwriting as a channel to express her emotions.

“I’d rather consider myself a storyteller with music, rather than a musician,” NOANNE said. “I feel like if you don’t play anything, you can’t really say that you are a musician in a traditional sense, but I would say I’m really attached to music because music helps me express my feelings.”

NOANNE's unconventional skill set led to a lengthy journey in creating her debut single. She attributes her success in fulfilling her artistic vision to the guidance of Darling.

“I was just trying to find somebody else to help me realize the vision I initially had, so this is why this was several years in progress,” said NOANNE. “But then, once I found the right person, it took us only a few months to connect on the vision we both had.”

NOANNE accompanied the release of the song with a mesmerizing music video, seamlessly weaving her presence with real-world footage. In this format, the song truly shines, and NOANNE again expressed her gratitude to her collaborators for the exceptional final product.

Reflecting on the director's treatment, NOANNE was left utterly speechless. She realized that the concept presented was precisely what she would have envisioned herself.

“When he gave me his treatment, I was left completely speechless,” NOANNE said. “I realized that the idea was something I would have shot myself.”

Fans of NOANNE's music can expect a dramatic uptick in releases now that she has formally made her debut. She says that she expects to release five a minimum of new singles by the end of 2024.

“For me, it is the goal to have new releases every six to eight weeks,” NOANNE said. “We have so many stories to share, and I’m really excited.”

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