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Jamie Crawford-Walker on Digital Marketing, Music, and Her Channel


Jamie Crawford-Walker is a girl who wears many virtual hats, and what we mean by that is that she’s done a LOT of work in the music industry that gave her the toolkit she needed to pioneer her own path and start her own digital company. Jamie is the CEO of CameraSeat and the Digital Consultant to DJ Khaled (yes, the DJ Khaled-”we the best!”) She’s always been an inspiration for many because of her passion, creativity, and drive. She truly shows what a strong work ethic, and a focused mind, and a powerful vision can bring to the world when given a chance.

Raised in Berlin, Germany, Crawford-Walker came to the states in 2012 to pursue her education and her professional growth for the industry she so loved. She attended Boston University’s Questrom School of where she was involved with countless internship opportunities at some of the biggest names in the music game, such as: BET, Roc Nation, and Republic Records. After graduating, she continued her passion for the music industry, starting her official role at Epic Records in 2016 as Content Creator. In this position, she was in took care of digital strategy for Epic’s artists such as DJ Khaled, French Montana, Future, Meghan Trainor, Rick Ross, Travis Scott, Yo Gotti, and more. After 3 Years with the company, Crawford-Walker knew she had the knowledge, background, and ability to launch her own digital agency “CameraSeat” that focuses on content creation and strategy and builds a narrative for the artists and creatives that it serves.

Here is Our Interview:

[CS]: Did you always want to pursue work in the music industry?

Jamie Crawford-Walker [J]: “Yes, I always knew that the music industry was going to be my path, I just wasn’t sure what specifically I wanted to do. I started out school wanting to be an entertainment Lawyer, but after my first law class I realized quickly that wasn’t going to be it! So I did multiple internships which then lead me into the Digital Marketing field and I haven’t turned back since.”

[CS]: What changes have you seen since you first entered the industry, especially with the current state of the world?

[J]: “In digital marketing things change rapidly all the time through app updates, new technology pops up or new daily new viral trends! I think we are becoming more conscious of the images we put out and the message behind the work we do!”

[CS]: What have been your favorite projects you have worked on?

[J]: “I’ve been lucky enough to work on a number of great projects so it is hard to pick one, but I love working DJ Khaled’s albums. The way we approach his album roll outs is extremely hands on and intense but also very rewarding!”

[CS]: What is CameraSeat, and what inspired you to start it?

[J]: “CameraSeat is a digital marketing agency focused on social content creation and strategy. We focus heavily on social content creation and helping our clients find their unique social media voice and aesthetic. I always knew that I wanted to run my own business and then at the beginning of 2019 it just seemed like the perfect time to give it a shot!”

[CS]: What’s the best advice you would give to emerging artists and/or people wanting to get started in digital marketing?

[J]: “Stay on top of the trends, try to find as many internships as possible and spend some time learning about the creative side and content creation!”

[CS]: Have you picked up any detours/fun hobbies/passion projects since the start of quarantine?

[J]: “Yes, puzzling and bike riding are my new favorite hobbies!”


Thanks, Jamie, for being such a powerhouse and for being an inspiration to many—that with hardwork and passion, you can make a dream happen.


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