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Alt-Pop Artist Kieran Ivy is My New Artist Find of The Year

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Electric euphoria is Kieran Ivy.

His music is airy, rigid and hypnotic as he moves you through various waves of alternative pop and takes you into a reverberating dreamworld. The 22 year old producer and artist from Nottingham, England, with over 81K monthly listeners on Spotify, caught me by surprise after reaching out to share his music and then I found myself saving every song he's ever released. Each song is just blissful ignorance, playing with psychedelic guitar strums and exciting tunes strung through dark and bubbly melodies.

Kieran Ivy

Much like other rising grunge pop artists: Weston Estate, Dominic Fike, Johnny Yukon, and ROLE MODEL, Kieran Ivy finds ways to intertwine different genres and shape shift them into a smoother yet edgier sound. His melancholy, sexy croons are always met with a bit of eclectic hop, and yet altogether sound simple. Less is always more. That's what elevates his music to a degree that I think is cleaner than most who explore this area of sound.

Kieran Ivy recently released his new 2 track project Lightning which includes a title track and another single "Evidence". The first song "Lightning", is more balladic, taking you on a groovy rollercoaster and showcasing more of his vocal range as a singer. The second single is a bit more anthemic with a bit of trance that keeps you locked in. The looping of tones and chants are engaging and they constantly keep your head bopping to the beat. It demonstrates his ability to create a very catchy record. Truthfully, I find the magic in Kieran Ivy's music is that every one of his singles are captivating in their own unique way, and I never feel bored listening through from one record to the next as they each flow beautifully into one another. I look forward to where Kieran Ivy continues to go with his music and will definitely be keeping him on my radar!

Be sure to follow Kieran Ivy on Spotify and on Instagram


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