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Midwxst: An Artist with Electric Authenticity

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

A deep dive into the Midwxst experience, and the foundational qualities achieved by this genre-blurring musician.

What differentiates an artist from the rest? What elements of creativity, performance, and sound push a musician out of the shadows? With so many artists in such a highly saturated industry, how did a twenty year old performer from Indianapolis successfully break out into the rap scene. After a personal experience attending a Midwxst concert, these questions were answered.

Taking place in Cambridge, MA at the Middle East Downstairs, the experience began in a personal, small-scale venue. The LED lighting and ten foot tall industrial speakers hinted at the energy this concert would soon radiate. The opener, Casper Sage, serenaded the eager crowd with alternative sounds, wavy guitar strumming, and melodic vocals. Sage’s performance was solid, a very strong display of his aesthetic and artistry. It was a fitting start, and warmed up the fans for the show to come. Edgar, more commonly known as Midwxst, didn’t keep us waiting.

Edgar under natural light within a translucent, hexagonal patterned area
Midwxst shot by Caitlin McGeehan

He entered the stage, greeted the audience, and began with a collaboration track with Denzel Curry, “Tally”. Immediately the electricity circulated through the crowd, the mosh broke out and we found ourselves moving up and down, flowing through the floor. From this initial spirit he moved to songs on his latest album, “E3”. The tracks on this tape are a clear blend of several genres; mixes of alternative, emo rap, punk rock, and hyper-pop can be heard throughout. Songs like “Lost”, “Pretty Girls”, and “Heartache Blues” all brought a mix of emotion and energy, and were expressed through Edgar’s lively and genuine performance. When the show reached its latter end the songs began transitioning into classic, identifiable Midwxst music. “223s” with Babytron, “Care”, and “Lock it Up” with Yeat and Matt Ox pushed us back into frenzied movement, bringing an exciting close to the event.

Midwxst’s music is unique to him, his sound is genre-blending, with a voice distinctly his. Where I believe he differentiates himself further is in his personality and connection with his fans. It started when he welcomed us at the door. I found myself shocked, having never even encountered an artist as popular as him, much less been greeted by one. Throughout the concert he consistently conversed with the audience between songs. When a fan presented an “E3” flag had created, Edgar accepted it on stage, with an honest reaction reminiscent of an old friend receiving a gift from another. An old friend of my own said it best on our way out, “He interacted with the fans so well, it just felt personal”. Almost every person in the venue was singing along, bumping heads, and jumping throughout the entire show.

Edgar performing under LED lights with his band.
Midwxst shot by Andrew Kriner

The show’s highlight, for me, arrived when the track “Lock it Up” did. This song produced by Whethan and featuring Midwxst, Yeat, and Matt Ox is among my all time favorites in rap. Knowing every word, I took a leap and asked if I could be brought on stage to perform Yeat’s verse. Without hesitation he pulled me up and handed me the microphone. Rushing with dopamine, nearly blinded by the flashes, I recited the verse to the crowd. It was without a doubt some of the most fun I’ve ever had. Rapping, jumping, and performing with one of my favorite musicians was an experience I’ll never forget, and one I probably wouldn’t have had with any other artist.

It’s clear Edgar has built such a dedicated and close-knit fan base from an authentic care for them. The Midwxst experience centers on the intricate balance between an unparalleled, energetic sound and genuine love for those interested in his music. This was proven last week in the underground venue at Midwxst’s show, one I won't forget soon.


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