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Rayvon Owen on "Do It Again", Being Himself, and Hosting a TV Series

Rayvon Owen serenades and swoons in his new single “Do It Again”.With memorable lyrics and sweet intonations, this singer/songwriter gives you the truth and nothing but the truth. His narratives are real which makes it easy to relate to. It’s also why he has gained such an organic following online.

A lot has changed for Owen; especially a lot of growth in his music that even press outlets noticed the transformation. The pop/R&B artist explains that the new single, along with the serene, simple, and melancholy visual are all a reflection of trying times between life and love, especially in a year full of trials like 2020. He says, “I think many can relate to going through ups and downs and the uncertainty it can leave you with. However, if I had the choice to live through it all again, I would... there is no growth without rain.” With such optimism towards adversity, it’s no wonder he is able to be successfully honest in his music.

Last year, Owen released his EP Las Virginia which is a reflection of the journey of growth he’s embarked on—the voyage of where he came from to who he is today. This year, the artist plans to release music each month, and “Do It Again” kicked it off in January. His music in general has been recognized by many, and have even had exciting appearances on platforms like Elvis Duran's “Artist of the Month”, the TODAY Show, and Nylon Magazine's “Best Releases of the Week”. He also won the “Rising Star” award at the L.A. Music Awards in 2015.

If there is something to be certain of, his music is inspiring. The strength in his voice and the confidence in his sound gives Owen this power to immerse his audience in authenticity which is something we all need right now. We spoke with Owen to hear more about his creativity in a pandemic, his music, and his own fun passion projects he is a part of.

Here is our interview:

Neelu Mohaghegh [NM]: How'd you get started in music?

[RO]: “I fell in love with music through church. I grew up singing in the youth choir and leading worship which ultimately led to me having the desire to learn everything I could about the voice, musical theory and performing.”

[NM]: How did "Do It Again" come about?

[RO]: “I wrote “Do It Again” with one of my frequent collaborators, Nate Merchant, in LA — it was one of those almost spiritual moments where the song came about rather quickly. He and I were in tune with one another and the emotion that poured out ended up being crafted into the song you hear now.”

[NM]: How have you continued to be creative during this past year of isolation?

[RO]: “I released an EP, called Las Virginia, at the beginning of quarantine… so I was busy doing virtual shows and performing from home mostly. These days I am home recording vocals in my closet, Zoom co-writing sessions and creating content on apps to stay connected and creative.”

[NM]: How has your music shaped and changed since you first started to what you are putting out now?

[RO]: “My music has evolved not only sonically, but subject-wise as well. I am way more comfortable in my skin these days and sing more freely about the relationships and experiences I’ve gone through that I didn’t openly sing about in my earlier releases. While I am continuing to grow, I have through experience found more ways to comfortably express the musical ideas and concepts I have.”

[NM]: What is one of your favorite live music memories? (Could be your own performance or one you attended)

[RO]: “Wow… I have too many amazing live memories to narrow down, however I’ll say two things. Collaborating and performing with Jamie Foxx was definitely a moment I’ll never forget, but the overall thing I miss most about performing is getting to talk to the listeners who have supported and stuck with me on my artistic journey. It’s an unexplainable feeling.”

[NM]: What's your detour, something you do outside of music that really defines you (like a hobby, fun fact, passion project, etc.)?

[RO]: “Outside of music, I really enjoyed hosting and debuting a new competition reality TV series unlike anything other (Spark’d) and working in the Sims community. That’s been a cool addition to my music and something I look forward to continuing.”

[NM]: What exciting news can you share with us about your music?

[RO]: “I’m excited for my fans and other listeners to hear the personal and musical growth in the music to come, as well as excited to use my voice and platform to help elevate others’ stories as well.”




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